E-Com Details

E-Com helps special education staff quickly create, store, and print IEP, Evaluation, and other special ed documents. The special ed staff is able to access all of a student's forms in one location for easier review and auditing of student history. Though E-Com does not eliminate the requirement of printed forms stored in permanent student records, it does greatly simplify the process of creating and managing the forms.

Listed below are some of the advantages of using E-Com to manage your special education forms and processes.

Stay in Compliance
  • Current, standardized forms (state model)
  • Immediately distribute changes to forms
  • Always use the most up-to-date version of the forms
  • Disproportionality reports generated quickly and easily
  • Evaluation timeline tracking
  • Staff better able to manage caseload through color-coded notices on IEP/Evaluation due dates
  • Goal areas in IEP auto-populate, reducing redundancy as well as eliminating overlooked areas
  • Blank forms can be printed directly from the database - eliminate the waste of preprinted and outdated forms

Save Time and Improve Accuracy
  • One-stop 'shopping' for student information
  • Quick access to the WAC (included)
  • Faster data entry using your preset phrases
  • Create and print forms with just three mouse clicks
  • Staff can work collaboratively from various locations

  • E-Com was designed to run on any combination Macintosh or Windows computers.

User Friendly Forms Creation
  • Itinerant staff can access E-Com from multiple networked locations
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Terminal Services for offsite, web based access.
  • Move from screen to screen with the click of a button
  • Immediate access to vital student information
  • Quickly view all students assigned to a case manager

Manage Forms Process

  • Print important student summary reports
  • Import student data from Wespac/Skyward, Schoolmaster, Powerschool, or other student databases to reduce large data entry tasks and keep E-Com data up-to-date
  • All data centrally located for easy backup

Customize Forms
  • You can create and customize your own forms (within OSPI guidelines)
  • Exchange forms with other districts