What our users have to say about E-COM

"I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to find a very functional data based IEP.  E-Com works well in my opinion."
"Things are going well with E-Com."
"I will be completing 2 more IEP’s for later on in the month and ... loving every minute of ECOM."
"I LOVE this program!"
New E-Com users at Richland School District

"I currently split my time between two districts, one that uses E-Com and one that uses another system. The reduced time (as much as half) spent on paperwork at the district that use's E-Com allows me to spend more time with teachers and parents to help students be successful, rather than spending my day behind a desk doing paperwork."
John Flick, School Psychologist
Lake Stevens and Riverview School Districts

"We have always been very pleased with the service that Portage Bay provides. I've never hesitated to call with any type of question and have really appreciated the support that you all give. We always try to promote ECOM to other districts. We can't imagine switching to anything else."
Darla Palmer, Administrative Assistant, Special Education Dept.
Sunnyside School District

"Ecom offers a school district wonderful flexibility to customize the appearance and layout of its forms."
Tom Freeburg, School Psychologist
Marysville School District

"E-COM gives me instant access to records any time a parent or teacher calls without having to go look for a file."
Vervia Gabriel, Director
Granite Falls School District

"We've been very pleased with the extremely responsive service and support we receive for E-Com."
Anita Stuart, Administrative Assistant for Special Education
Mukilteo School District

"You guys are wonderful!"
Rene Reynolds, Student Services
Snoqualmie Valley School District